KUMA Engineering introducing the CUB™

Our Vision

“To be the product solution company for the winter sport enthusiast, by delivering safe products that satisfy the needs of our customers globally”.

About KUMA

KUMA Engineering is a student start-up company fully dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of a revolutionary snowboard carrier, branded as “The CUB™”.

[CUB™ is a registered trademark of KUMA Engineering.]

KUMA believes in thinking differently and offering superior delivery, better than the best available alternative in the market.Our team works hard every day to provide safe and comfortable product solutions, serving winter sport enthusiasts on and around the slopes.

Our first product is an innovative and easy to use product, called “The CUB™”.

About the CUB™

KUMA presents a revolutionary and innovative product for snowboarders. As a team and based upon input from potential customers and our personal experiences, we have ‘in-house’ designed and developed the CUB™.

The CUB™ is sold as a two-piece product – an adhesive “base plate” and a removable CUB™.The adhesive “base plate” can be easily fixated on the board. When the “base plate” is installed, the removable CUB™ can comfortably and safely be mounted on the snowboard via a simple ‘twist’ of the removable CUB™”. The removable CUB™ itself contains a self-retracting carrying strap, which works through the use of a high quality flat torsion spring. , The  CUB™ is a welldesigned, high quality innovative and safe method to transporting one’s snowboard on and around the slopes.

Currently there are an estimated 31 million snowboarders globally, which all can benefit from the use of the  CUB™. The team is currently continuing development of CUB™ enhancements, such as:

  • Integrating a “RECCO” reflector. This “RECCO” reflector will increase the likelihood of a snowboarder to be found by rescue workers would she/he be in the unfortunate circumstances of being trapped by an avalanche.
  • A buckle code lock to prevent theft when enjoying a break in the Après-Ski Bar.

In addition to the above-mentioned developments of the CUB™ for snowboarders, the team will also make special enhancements to make the CUB™ available for customers with the use of “Skis” and “Kite boards”.


JA Europe (29, June 2017):

By winning the title of “Student Company 2017” in The Netherlands we had the opportunity to participate in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge, held on 28-29th June, Helsinki, Finland.

At this international event KUMA competed against nineteen other teams from sixteen European countries. We had the opportunity to pitch our ideas and our innovative product the CUB™. Although we did not win the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge, we feel privileged to have had another amazing team experience. As a team, we grew stronger and we feel better prepared and more confident in our efforts moving forward. Participating in this exciting event provided us with great new learnings and we met a great number of people, resulting in many new (international) connections. We feel this to be of great value to KUMA and to the potential sales and marketing of the CUB™. The heartfelt enthusiasm for our innovative solution – the CUB™, is further boosting our vision of its European and Global potential. With our product we are after all delivering a breakthrough and innovative product for the winter sport enthusiast.

A few pictures of the event to give you a glimpse of us at the event:

KUMA would like to acknowledge all members of the “JA Europe” organisation for the creation of a unique platform, providing us, young entrepreneurs with the opportunity to learn, to develop and to introduce our ideas to an international audience. In addition, KUMA would like to give a special thanks to the judges, providing us with valuable, constructive and positive feedback.

We look forward to the opportunity to meeting and serving you all – For now, have a great summer, be safe and until we meet (again) at the slope!


Student Company 2017 the Netherlands (12, June 2017):

We are extremely proud that KUMA was selected out of approximately one thousand (1000) higher educational institutions to win the coveted title of “Student Company 2017”. On 12 June, 2017, in the “Beatrix Theater”, Utrecht, the Netherlands, in front of a professional jury, the team professionally “pitched” the CUB™ business case, the concept and further development plans. The jury saw clear potential in the CUB™, was excited about its business case and inspired by the enthusiasm and entrepreneurial attitude of the KUMA team.

Winner Student Company 2017

As a result of this election as “Student Company 2017”, the KUMA team will be participating in the European Enterprise Challenge (EEC), to be held in Helsinki, Finland on June 28th and 29th, 2017. During this EEC we will be joined by entrepeneurs from all over Europe.

Our Team

The KUMA Engineering Team

Jens Bergsma, Teun Laarakker, Valiant Beekes and Gerard Hannink.

Individual Team Roles

Jens Bergsma
“Since the launch of KUMA, I have acted as the director and financial adviser. Directing a start-up has been often quite a chaotic process because the team and the enterprise is developing very rapidly. I supported the team where needed and kept a directional focus where required. In addition to this and inherently to a ‘start-up’, I stepped in where necessary to take on tasks and streamline processes. Realising the ambitious goal we set as a team at the beginning of the semester, required dedication and clear focus. As a director, I was also required to give input to developing teamwork and to optimise communication KUMA. I feel privileged to lead this enthusiastic and hardworking team to our KUMA goal – The CUB™ being sold in specialised retail stores. We believe this goal is realistic, based upon the CUB’s™ product diversity and product potential.”

Teun Laarakker
Since KUMA’s inception, I have acted as the production manager, with a primary focus on sourcing and procurement of the CUB™ parts. I have managed to support a streamlined, ‘simple as possible’ integrated design, production and cost. The CUB™’s development has contributed for me to learn to think solution focused rather than problem focused. I really needed to focus on price throughout the production process. For me it was critical to learn more about the process from design to manufacturing. Thanks to this project I have expanded my knowledge about product development, procurement and teamwork. I am quite sure that I will be able to apply my acquired knowledge later on in this project, during product scale-up and product line-extensions.”

Valiant Beekes
“Since the launch of KUMA, I have been responsible for sales. I am personally challenged and find it really interesting to figuring out how to successfully market the CUB™ and at the same time researching the required tools to do so. Besides this, I also much enjoyed supporting the design of the CUB™ in Solidworks®. Due to the diverse nature of my contribution within this project, I have always been quite up-to-date on the overall development and operations, while constantly being challenged to complete my tasks to the best of my abilities. I fully support our company’s vision of the CUB’s™ market potential and strongly support the marketability of the CUB™ ensuring a healthy product future.”

Gerard Hannink
Right from the start I was very motivated to work with the team and this new and innovative concept. In my role as head of product development I have had to turn problems into solutions, which helped create the energy and vision to move on to the next step of innovation. I think that my ‘detail orientation’ and technical insight, combined with a strong work ethic really made, and still makes, a significant difference to the team and the KUMA start-up environment. With my knowledge of different production techniques, we were able to create a technically strong, simple, yet functional product: And that is exactly what we did. My ambition: To motivate and enthuse the people I work with- Making ‘the impossible – possible’’.

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